Is your Time and Attendance Provider Right For You?

The larger your organization the greater savings you are likely gain by using an automated time and attendance system. These savings will come from improved processing speed and accuracy . If your business is sizable enough you will be able to reduce the number of employees in your payroll department , which in itself will reduce your salary costs . The rules by which you pay your employees will no longer be your payroll department’s intellectual property because your awards will be coded into your new time and attendance system thereby reducing the skill required by the payroll staff.

These are all benefits of a properly implemented time and attendance system . However, this automation may now leave your organization without the resources required to complete a manual pay run. This is a common scenario and essentially you should have no reason to be concerned provided you have selected an appropriate product and supplier . All companies who adopt automated technologies would be should they be  forced to return to a manual system if there was, for example a complete system failure . System functionality is paramount and this is a function of the product itself and the support facilities provided by the supplier .

Your monetary investment in time and attendance will be a significant one and you should expect that your Time and Attendance provider would have the resources to support you and the product both during the implementation and into the future. It is therefore not an unreasonable requested to ask the prospective suppliers to demonstrate their capacity to provide this level of support.

Your chosen supplier should be able to demonstrate the following:-

  • An established Customer base: with existing clients preferably from within your industry. This will demonstrate the supplier’s capacity to implement systems with similar characteristics to that of your business.
  • A significant number of Employees: Larger supplier companies generally have a broader range of competencies within their business. They will be able to deal with transient workloads better and this will result in smoother implementations and faster resolutions should there be any issues with your system. They don’t have to be the biggest on the block but avoid the smaller players.
  • A strong support network . Determine the product’s supplier tree. You may be dealing with the service provider but the product may be distributed by a larger organization. This may indicate a more secure position for your company.
  • Financial Security . Your supplier may cite a company policy which prevents them providing financial information but ask them anyway. You have every right to request information supporting their financial position as a reflection of their capacity for continued support.

A recent survey of 300 companies revealed that of the 40% of companies expressed the view that they did not adequately screen the potential suppliers It is remarkably easy to project the impression of a well established organization using the Internet and a well crafted website .  Do not accept the supplier on face value : Ask for site referrals that are in your industry, if your potential time and attendance provider does not have one it will be a strong indication of a small client base or the unsuitability of the award interpretation software for your industry.


James Bell

Time and Attendance Consultant



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