Improving your Staff Productivity

There are countless jobs around but not many of these jobs actually thrive . It is sometimes baffling that sufficient staffing and sufficient financial background couldn’t guarantee success to a business or an organization.

It’s been known that the prime factor to the success of any enterprise is management. When we talk about management, we primarily mean control. Control of things. Control of People. Control of Results. Among them , it’s staff management that is most crucial . Managers must know how to use their human resource to produce the maximum level of motivation and yield the highest level of productiveness.

Below are few suggestions you can offer your staff to ameliorate their productivity   :

  1. Seek out for ways to make relationships better . Create synergies among the staff to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company  . A clear deterrent to this is defective people relations  . Endeavor to build a company environment wherein the staff can find positive, non-complaining ways to express their opinions within their ranks, and even with their work superiors .
  2. Determine areas of wastefulness and get rid of them~ thrash them out} . For instance , is your staff spending too much time on e-mails or in returning phone calls? Are these intermissions often enough that they diminish the employee’s outputs ? Look for ways to eliminate these idler activities
  3. Ask your staff to think of three things that they can do to make themselves inimitable . In times of layoffs or terminations , ask them why should the company keep them . They must be able to demonstrate that they are worth keeping around .
  4. Motivate your employees to join a professional organization  . Life and work are about a continuous process of self-development . Encourage your employees to learn more about their craft while increasing the breadth and depth of their networking circle .
  5. Challenge your people to be creative . Stagnation is the kiss of death in today’s corporate economy . Ask them to create concepts and means to improve a product, policy, or procedure  .
  6. Offer your workers job-related self-improvement seminars that teach creative ways and ideas relevant to their jobs . Stimulate their thinking to gain new outlooks on the job and future  . A seminar may very well be that spurring factor to revitalize them and increase their job gratification.You will be surprised at how favorable for the company staff training could do  .
  7. Have your staff evaluate their personal contribution to the organization . Have them look for ways that will maximize their strength and limit down, if not eliminate their work-related flaws .
  8. Encourage your staff toget to know more people . Motivate them to expand their working network. They should be interested in people . As they meet people , they should be asking themselves if their interactions with them will be beneficial especially in their jobs . Can they include these friends in their circle of contacts to call on them for a favor, a contact, or a reference?
  9. If you are in a big organization with several sections , encourage the staff to join at least one company-wide task force or committee. By joining committees, they gain a panoramic view of the company as a whole .

In summary : to be successful , you need to pinpoint the way to produce a specific good result in your business and to consistently replicate and improve that same result  . Enjoin your people to share your vision of success , and they will be your most important and most effective tool to achieving it.

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