How your website can save you money in a slow market

A major concern of small business owners is justifying the cost of their website. While many believe the only way to enjoy a return-on-investment is to drive new traffic to the website, let’s see how a website can SAVE you a lot of money – without the traffic.

Online self-service

Recent research has shown that in the US, e-commerce sales grew by 8% in the first nine months of 2008, while retail
sales grew by just 2%. Amazon’s revenue grew by 31% over the last twelve months. (Source: 

Other research in the UK has concluded that the average cost of a web interaction is 14 times cheaper than the same
interaction being completed over-the-phone, and 35 times cheaper than completing the task as a face-to-face
interaction. (Source: Society of Information Technology Management)

That’s impressive! 

People are choosing to do business online because it’s cheaper. It costs money and time to get to the shops,
and quite often store prices are higher. Online stores don’t have the overheads of maintaining a retail outlet
and staff, and many of the administration tasks can be automated online.

The Web is self-service and self-service is the most cost-effective way to do business. A website can make more
sales, reduce costs, and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of a business.

So how can we translate self-service to our own websites?

What information can you provide to your existing and potential customers that is currently time spent over the phone
or mailing out or drafting of an email? Even if your customers find you through a different route, you can refer them
to your website for a range of tasks that you would otherwise spend valuable time providing on the phone.

Below is a list of self-service examples to think about:

  • Product/services online information and PDF download
  • Product/service training material
  • After sales-service information
  • List of FAQs
  • Online support form
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Application and Registration forms as downloadable PDFs

While you may think some of this information is too small be concerned with, even if this saves you one hour a day in
administration, that’s five extra hours a week, or 20 extra hours per month you have to focus
on the fun stuff – marketing your business. Isn’t this also a compelling business case to maintain a website
during a recession?

What we offer is a blog which really is a the affordable option of a website but saves you money, increases your traffic and is easy for you to main.

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