How To Write Google AdWord Ads That Get Clicks

If you have a firm grasp of the basics and some experience, you can have a powerful ally in Google AdWords. You can make your Adwords ads perform at a new level of effectiveness using the three approaches you’re about to read.

When you start to test your ad copy, you should take it one step at a time. Don’t start to test every element at the same time. You’re doing A/B split testing, and when you do that you only change one thing for each test. You have to track the reasons for your ad performance, and if you change more than one thing you won’t know which part was responsible for the performance difference. Google will rotate your ads for you, and you can easily see the difference with click through rate, or CTR. Do you know all the benefits that your product offers to the customer? You should, and you want to pick the very best one and use it in your ad. At this stage, you will know the strongest benefits that your product delivers. It’s your job as a copywriter to identify these benefits and highlight it in the ad you’re writing. You can study other ads if you like, but no matter what you do make sure you test only the strongest benefits. After you write an ad, step back and read it several times and make sure you that it says exactly what you want it to say. Also be sure to test your primary keyword in your headline because when someone uses that keyword, it will become bolded and will stand out more.

You can skillfully use questions in PPC ads, and believe use they can be incredibly effective. These questions don’t have to be too complex but should be enough to address to their problems directly. The effect you want to create is that they just have to know what the answer is. Obviously, the question has to be great, but we absolutely believe all markets have questions like this – so put your creativity hat on. There are many other things you can do to boost your AdWords ads conversion rates.

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