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This page is about how to use SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

SEO is the “art” of applying certain techniques to your WebPages so they stand a better chance of ranking well in the search engines.

This is not the only way to have a page rank well. However, it is regarded as one of the best simply because it’s free. You must know how to use SEO to your advantage to rank in the “organic searches” that’s what I mean by “free”.

The process of how to use SEO can break down into a few simple items. First, lets talk about the content on your page.

After you have performed the keyword research and you know what words you will be writing content for in your article, you then want to use those keywords in your content.

Now you do not want to over use the keyword or the search engines will think you are trying to spam them. A good rule of thumb is to use them around 2 to 6 percent. This is referred to as “keyword density” There are many tools online that will tell you what the density of your article is when you have completed it.

When you write your article ALWAYS write the content so it reads well to the human visitor and not the search engines. After all it’s your visitors that will be buying your service or product.

There are some folks that say you should also use bold and italicized text for your keywords. In other words, maybe once or twice make your keyword bold, and the same goes for using italics.

In my opinion, I have never really seen any benefit in doing this, but, it can’t hurt. It is regarded as one thing you should do by all the so called SEO gurus.

Lets move on to placement of you keyword in you text.

It’s a good idea to mention them in the beginning of the article as well as in the last line or next to the last line of the article.

Always make sure you write good quality content. On average you page content should be at least 700 to 800 words the more the better.

If your pages are less than that the search engines will not view your page with any authority. So be sure you have a lot of good quality content.

The Second part of how to use SEO revolves around the html code on the page. Lets start right from the top of the page.

The use of the title tag. This is where the title of you page goes. It should include your main keyword, and in fact, your main keyword should come first.

Next comes the page description. This is an area where most people fail to get it right. There are two “don’t do’s” here. First, don’t put something like this. “Hi and welcome to my site” The reason for this is because search engines want to see this tag being relevant to your page content. Clearly, the above is not.

The second thing you don’t want to do is copy your first few paragraphs of your page. However sometimes you will see the description default to this if they have not supplied a description.

You description should be very pin point and on target to exactly what your page is about. Also, use keywords in your description, but resist the temptation to “keyword stuff” as these tactics will not work, and in fact will hurt you.

Lets move on to the use of H1 tags. If you don’t know what these are you will need to learn that first, and in most cases you probably shouldn’t be building a website just yet.

Your keyword or keyword phrase should be used once at the top of the page inside a H1 tag.

Next. If you are adding any pictures to your website, make sure to use the “alt” tag. Here is another great place to put a keyword. It should of course be related to the picture, as well as the picture being related to the page content.

I want to talk about site structure for a bit.

When you are designing a website or WebPages, it does not have to be an “over the top” looking page. You have all seen what I am talking about; you know the sites with all the flash stuff.

Here are some cold hard facts about how to use SEO. Most folks that are website designer don’t fully (if at all) understand SEO.

The fact is that search engine spiders (robots) do not know how to read flash. In fact they cannot read any script such as java, php etc. And they can not understand pictures, this is the purpose of using the “alt’ tag.

So while these sites may look cool, and they do. The fact remains they will not rank well with simple SEO principal.

After you have created you webpage you will need to name it and save it as a file. Most likely you be saving it as an .html or .htm file.

Another little common SEO tactic is to name that page with a keyword that is on you page. Or something that is very closely related. Never the less the idea here is to keep the file name as short as possible and as relevant to the page content as possible.

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