How To Search Engine Optimise Your Site

7 Things You Need To Know To Increase Your Search Engine Ranking


    Optimised Keywords

Keywords are what we optimise our sites for. You can’t just make a few changes to your website and get to the “top of google” we choose “Keywords” or search terms that we get to the top of google for. 2

    The 7 Onsite Must Haves

1. Really good quality content
2. Relevant Title Tags on each page
3. Headlines using Header Tags
4. Meta Descriptions
5. Latent Semantic Indexing
6. Robots file
7. And a Sitemap

    Amazing Content

When people are searching, they are looking for information, or more specifically a solution to a problem they are experiencing. Whether they are already sold on a product and are just finding where to buy it or are researching things they can do to solve their problem.

So unless you have a large list in which you can educate people when you create content, then you need to write every article as a solution to a problem. Even when people are just looking for information they are searching for the information to solve a problem.



Search engines have been plagued by spammers and people gaming the system to get higher rankings of their site and while search engines have done about as much as they can, people will always find a way to game a computer system.

But what if search engines had a huge pool of information regarding how many people including your friends like a particular webpage or site. They would be able to determine what people actually liked and shared and use that in determining search results.

This is exactly what is happening now. 2010 showed a small motion towards this and now it is picking up speed in 2011, with huge moves by Bing leading the way.


    High Quality Content Syndication

As such getting links on other websites will get you higher in the search engines. The more popular the website and relevant to your site, the greater effect it will have.

While search engines are still analysing and adapting their algorithms to the new social media information, links remain one of the best ways to increase rankings.

Getting these links is called Link Building and you can do it ethically or unethically (also known as white hat or black hat). Obviously I am going to show you the ethical and best approach to do it.


    Premium Linkbacks

Aside from getting your links on to good quality sites, some strategies you can include are
1. Directory Submissions
2. PR Campaign
3. Review sites


    Constant and Neverending Maintentance

There is no magic silver bullet in SEO. It requires continuous work with your website and social interactions. The good news is it gets easier as time progresses. When you have a larger following and a large number of likes on your page, anything you put out will automatically have a large number of likes.

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