How To Get Started With Our Memories For Life

Our Memories For Life
Hello 
This is some information to help you get started with purchasing the new Traditional Scrapbooking Range recently released by Rhonda Anderson co-founder of Creative Memories.

Products are currently being shipped from America to New Zealand and then to us, but this will change as soon as it is all possible.

Our Memories For Life is the name of the Product and falls under the umbrella of a Company ‘Youngevity’ This is excellent as it gives you a number of different products which you can purchase at cost price with the same $15 joining fee.

Heritage Makers is the digital scrapbooking and has also been around for many years also falls under the umbrella which means you will have access to this as soon as it comes to Australia as well.
A short video from Rhonda <<<

This link takes you to my sign up page >>>Julia Mitchell<<<

A welcome from me
How to join up ;

Those interested in looking at the brochure, click on the link. PDF CATALOGUE

Some of the benefits of joining:

1. Costs just $15 to sign on as a Distributor. There is no minimum per month for a Distributor. Once you start others to get their own products at wholesale you will receive downline commissions – you will want to do the minimum to receive any downline commissions. The first level is just $50 a month and to can sign up for an Autoship for that amount. If you have no downline – no minimums.

2. The $50 Autoship per month – you can get the pre-selected product line that will change each month or you can change the products or the amounts to whatever you like.

3. Get your hands on quality scrapbooking products which have been selected by Rhonda and her team.

4. Our Memories For Life does not have a ‘non-compete’ clause – which means they don’t care at your workshops if you are selling your excess stock of Creative Memories, Close to My Heart or any other scrapbook/ paper craft supplies.

5. Beginning part of a wonderful community of like minded people with a common vision and passion (priceless) This is ground floor opportunity and as such not all the products or the ability to order them directly is available but it’s not that far away. The compensation plan and all the products that are on offer is really amazing.


This is really an exciting opportunity of having multiple streams of income or have access to product at a discounted rate with the ability to purchase when you want and how much you want.
Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions
Be Blessed
Julia Mitchell

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