How To Get Indexed Quickly

We are constantly asked how to get a webpage or blog post indexed quickly, as the quicker a page is indexed the quicker it can rank in the search engines. Now we’re going to suggest to you just 3 things that you can do to get your site indexed and by no means is this an exhaustive list.

1. RSS Feeds

This is bigfoot’s (Sean Rasmussen’s) favourite strategy. He has RSS feeds posted in RSS directories, other websites and a few other places you’ll have to come to the event to find out about! When you have your RSS feed syndicated to multiple websites you instantly gain inbound links whenever you post on your blog.

2. High Traffic Forums

Due to the amount of new user-generated content on forums they are constantly getting spidered by the Search Engines.  This frequent spidering results in any links on the forums getting picked up and the sites they link to getting indexed quickly. When launching a new site we will go to a few high traffic forums and change our signature file to include the links to our latest webpage or blog post.

3. Review Sites

This is the oldest trick in the book, many website development companies do this the moment a new site goes live. There are hundreds of sites where you can go and post your URL and have other developers and designers review your site. Not only that but you can submit your site as being the “site of the day”. By submitting your site to review sites you will get inbound links from high Page Rank sites and get indexed quickly for your keywords.

As you can see getting your site indexed is all about speed link acquisition on high traffic or trusted websites

Action Step: This week, think about how you can implement these tips to help you get indexed more quickly.

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