How to Create Information Products

How to Create Information Products

Information products are anything that can be downloadable. They can be created from text, audio, video, or a combination of these things. You can be a seller of information products online even if you don’t want to build the products yourself.

Here are five different ways you can create information products, or get help from service providers for the creation of your products:

1) Record yourself talking. If you are familiar with your subject matter, you can sit down and record yourself talking about it. You can use a digital dictaphone with an external microphone to get a good quality sound. There are a number of software programs that allow you to record directly into your computer just by plugging in a microphone. With a recording, you can create an mp3 file. Add an introduction with music at the beginning and end to make it sound more professional, and package it as a radio show, upload it to or use it as a bonus to another information product on a related topic.

2) Create a transcript from the audio file. Type out what you recorded (or hire someone to transcribe your audio file for you through one of the freelance bidding sites). When you sell the audio file, you can include the transcript as a bonus, or sell the transcript and include the audio as a bonus!

3) Create an ebook from the transcript of your audio. Once you have your audio transcribed into a word document, you can then turn it into an ebook by formatting and editing the content. Again, if you don’t want to do this yourself, you can hire someone to format the text for you.

4) Hire someone to write your ebook for you from scratch. There are a number of websites that connect buyers with service providers, including,, and, On these sites, you create a description of the work you’re looking to have done, and then can select from service providers who “bid” or “apply” for the position to complete the work for you. You will probably want to select a writer with English as their first language. It’s not usually necessary that the person you hire has personal experience with your subject matter – it’s more important that they have the ability to research the topic and pull it all together in an easy to read ebook.

5) Interview an expert on the subject matter. Find someone who is considered an expert on the topic you are covering in your information product, and ask them if they would record an interview with you (audio or video). You chan then transcribe the interview if you like, or sell it as the audio file. Generally, experts are happy to interview for free because they see it as a means of promoting themselves as well.

Using one or more of these methods will result in an information product you can go on to sell. You can add value to your product by creating one or more additional products on similar topics to include as bonus items when people buy and download your main product.

If you’d like step by step training from Andrew and Daryl in how to do this yourself, book in to our next workshop – here’s the link.

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