How to Choose a Topic for Your Information Product That’s Sure To Sell

It’s easy to put together information products, or to find someone to help you create one. The harder part is choosing a topic for your information product that people will want to buy! You can have the most fabulous ebook or downloadable product in the world – but if it isn’t a topic that people are passionate and hungry to learn about, you’re not going to make much money from it.

How do you find topics that people will spend money on? Topics they are hungry and passionate about?

Start out by making a list of potential information product topics. Once you have a list of 20 or more topics, you can narrow them down to find one that has the most potential for being a successful information product.

Draw From Personal Experiences

Think about your jobs, hobbies or interests and those of your family and friends. What are people spending money on? Do they do any crafts or participate in activities that cost them money? People tend to get fanatical about certain past times, and it seems there is no limit to the amount of money they’ll pay to participate! What problems do you or people you know have that might be helped with an information product?

Study the Media

What television shows are most popular? What specialty programs are being shown on channels like Lifestyle or Discovery? These are potential areas to find topics. Take a walk through the magazine racks at the local bookstore – what topics are being discussed in the magazines that people are buying? Are their recurring themes covered in the newspaper that would lead you to believe a certain topic is of interest to large numbers of people?

Research Topics on Clickbank

Clickbank ( is the internet’s largest seller of ebooks. They have more than 10,000 ebooks in their online catalog and you can view the top selling products in each category of their marketplace. By viewing the top sellers in each category, you can see what topics people are buying and it may help you come up with your own topics for information products.

How To Know How Many People Are Searching For Topics Online

Part of selecting a topic for your information product requires that you choose one that enough people are searching for online each month. The Google keyword tool makes it easy to find out how many people are looking for information on a particular topic each month.

Narrowly Defined, Differentiated Niche

It’s important that you choose a specific topic rather than a generalized one. For example, “fishing” is a general topic, while “Fresh-water bass fishing” is a specific topic. If you try to target fishing as your niche area for an information product, you won’t have as many sales because it’s too broad of a topic. Creating an information product on “Fresh-water bass fishing” is a more narrowly defined niche and you’ll find your information products sell better.

Additionally, you want to find a topic in a niche that is not overly crowded. Trying to sell information products on dating or weight loss is difficult because there are so many other products already for sale on these topics.

Once you’ve found a topic that looks like it meets all of the criteria, you can begin building your information product.

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