How To Better Convert Visitors Online

Let’s shake things up a little, shall we?

Everyone knows proof is important. But did you know in some cases it can HURT your Internet sales? Here’s how:

Not long ago a friend told me about an ad selling a “make money online” product (yeah, I know… yaaaaawn). And they tested two versions. One was full of screenshots “proving” their Internet Marketing Tools and other income using their super duper system, with some bullets, and an offer. The other was just a story, same bullets and same offer. In other words, no fancy screen shots. No “proof” of income. And none of the bells & whistles showing bank statements, PayPal accounts, and all that jazz.

Which version won?

Drum roll…

The winner was the “plain Jane” version. Now, this ad broke a major “rule” (i.e. not using a bunch of proof) and yet it won hands down when tested against the proof letter. What gives?

Isn’t proof the “end all be all” in advertising?

You bet it is.

And smart Internet marketers pack their sites with lots of proof and Internet Marketing Tools credibility elements (although personally, I rarely ever use the “usual suspect” kinds of proof anymore — like screenshots or testimonials, etc).

But in this case, I guess the proof wasn’t in the pudding.

And, in fact, it got beaten to a pulp.

Question is… why?

Who knows?

Mayhaps all the photoshopped bank statements looked phony. Or maybe people just thought, “anyone can do a photoshop job, this is fake”. Or maybe… just MAYBE… an irresistible story is more persuasive than flashing dry facts and figures?

I guess we’ll never know for sure.

But one thing is certain:

Breaking rules can be very profitable.

And sometimes… the bigger the rule you break, the bigger the winner that breaks the bank.

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