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Mortgage Refinance  Wanted: Individual to take a simple idea and use it to create a viable business.

Qualified candidate must have the ability to catch a vision and run with it without the oversight of an advisory board.

Qualified candidate may have specific training in this idea, but it is not mandatory, however, this same candidate must be flexible and willing to adapt to rugged on the job training.

Juegos Then one day while staying at the Blind Pigeon’s Inn he discovered the Internet (free with the weekly rate). The Ugly Duckling had a wealth of work experience in his first few weeks of life so he started a business catering to the camouflage needs of waterfowl during hunting season.

Much to his surprise and delight, orders began arriving and he became very busy. The Ugly Duckling was a regular at the Waterfowl Post Office and his profits grew to the point where the Ugly Duckling bought the Blind Pigeon’s Inn and made it his corporate offices and product warehouse.

home selling Our current business plan is inadequate to explain how candidate can successfully move from dream conception to business opening, but candidate will, nonetheless, be required to move the business forward.

Benefits are not applicable to this position in the traditional sense. Any benefits derived from taking this job will be the sole responsibility of the successful candidate.

Start up capital will also be the responsibility of the job applicant. In fact all risk will be the sole responsibility of the man or woman selected for this job.

If you feel you may be the right candidate for this position please respond at your earliest convenience. Please post your letter to the Entrepreneurial Initiative.

Does this sound like the kind of job you would willingly apply for? Probably not, especially when the idea is someone elses. We would not take a risk for some else and we would not put forth the effort required for a business start up from conception onward without some vested interest in the outcome.

Most online stores begin because the entrepreneur has a passion for the product or service being offered. Like our fictional storybook hero it was something that he had a personal use for that resulted in a successful business and with his growing success came a confidence, with that confidence came respect from others who had taken notice of his success.

In the end it really didn’t matter what he looked like, where he lived or how old he was. All that really mattered was that the Ugly Duckling understood the needs of his fowl-feathered friends You can be published without charge. You can to republish this article in your website or blog. Please provide links Active.

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