Free report on How to Grow your business online

The team at the successful Teaching Sells training program have just released a Free 22 page Report and 3 great Free Case Studies which I think make great learning tools for those wanting to learn how to start successful online businesses.

The report (that also comes as an audio file) covers:

  • Whether blogging is dead or not
  • How to avoid the tyranny of Google
  • Why you should forget the “Long Tail”
  • How to truly leverage Web 2.0
  • Why you’re not normal, and why that’s a good thing
  • How the true power of the Internet is being missed
  • What “teaching sells” means to you

With the report also get access to three very useful case studies from Aaron Wall, Joseph and James Bridges and Chad Board who have used the Teaching Sells philosophy to launch very successful online businesses.

All of this is free and contains great teaching and good information to give your online business a boost. For those wanting more the Teaching Sells course has also been overhauled, restructured and edited and is opening its doors for the first time in quite a few months.

Brian Clark and Tony Clark (no relation) are the founders of Teaching Sells and have helped many ProBlogger readers take the next step in making money online. I participated in the first version of Teaching Sells and still regularly return to their teaching as I continue to expand what I do.

Whether you just take advantage of the free stuff or signup for the ongoing paid membership I highly recommend you check out what Brian and Tony have put together as you move forward into 2009 – what they do is always a great investment.

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