Fred’s Medieval Swords

My friend Fred has recently decided to open up a sword shop where he will sell all sorts of collectible swords. Fred’s swords will be perfect for props, costumes, and beautiful home displays. The swords will not be sharpened, but will still only be sold to those over the age of 18. This web page is built for the sole purpose of telling people about the sword shop that Fred is opening up. You’ll even get to see some swords that he carries, because I’ll be linking to similar looking swords.


Our little town in Montana will be the home of Fred’s sword shop. The counter will be run by Fred and an employee will help him from time to time. Fred loves swords, but everybody does need some time off to themselves.


People that buy from Fred will get personal service from Fred and have a thirty day money back guarantee on every item they buy. He will accept all major credit cards, as well as cash, and even checks provided the customer has proper identification.


Fred will stock mostly Medieval swords of European descent. These are the most popular types of sword collectibles in the United States. He’ll also carry ninja swords and samurai swords for those that are interested in Asian sword collecting. If you can’t find a sword from Fred’s shop he will attempt to order one on the Internet for you.


This sword shop will certainly never be the biggest and best sword shop, and I don’t think it will make Fred rich. The great thing is that Fred doesn’t care if he gets rich or not, he just wants to sell medieval swords.


Fred loves to talk about medieval swords with his customers and anybody that talks to him knows how passionate he is about his swords. Fred is not just a seller, he is a medieval sword owner as well. His house has over 20 different sword displays. You won’t be able to go anywhere in Fred’s house without finding a sword display or two. He even has a sword mounted above his bathroom toilet.


If your looking to buy a collectible sword you should buy from a company that is just as passionate about swords as Fred is. Internet companies should not be avoided as these web masters are just as passionate as the brick and mortar store owners. Also they’ll ship your medieval sword through the mail so you won’t need to be bothered with picking it up.

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