Flexibility is key to getting on the career ladder

Searching for jobs in the UK market has become increasingly challenging over the years, as focus has shifted away from manufacturing and heavy industry to technology, the Arts and the financial sectors. Rather than being fixed on a location in which to work however, flexibility to both position and place of work are key to future success.

In the 1980s and 90s, there was something of a brain drain from regional centres into London. This is a trend that has been reversing for some time and will continue to gain pace; the media to the north, creating jobs in Manchester in particular, is indicative of this.

Changes in working practices and a decentralisation away from jobs in London have seen much more focus be rolled out across the entire country. It is mindful of this that uptake of online recruitment agencies and job boards have become increasingly popular.

Only a few years ago potential employers could quite legitimately state one location over others in which to target their search. They are increasingly being urged to not limit themselves to one specific town or city any more however.

With the markets moving at such a pace, remaining open minded and willing to change tact regards possible careers is important too. Indeed, it can be the difference to securing a place on a progressive career ladder, than ending up in an unfulfilling position.

Looking for jobs which could lead to future employment in the desired role will be advantageous. Gaining experience, knowledge and respect within smaller companies too, will curry favour through the recruitment process of major corporations.

Much more than this though, it is likely that many smaller companies will thrive, and individuals develop with an organisation as used to be seen many years ago. It is unlikely that there will ever be jobs for life again in the UK, but being flexible to create a life for jobs is certainly possible.

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