Finding The Right Hospitality Candidates In Melbourne

Finding and recruiting hospitality staff Melbourne is about choosing the right candidates for the best job that suits them. The hospitality industry thrives on word of mouth and excellent customer service is a good way of spreading that word.

People often think of big events when they think of hospitality. However, it can equally apply to smaller occasions. In some cases, people hire personal chefs at home for things like a special anniversary. This added touch can make the occasion more memorable, especially if it is a surprise and the lucky person does not know about it!

Another thing that is important to check is the level of experience of your staff. An experienced chef will often add much needed authority to the kitchen. Communication is vital, so this is worth noting when interviewing. This is generally something you would look at when recruiting in any business, but confidence is most important in terms of hospitality.

Ideally, the staff should be trained in an RSA course and have a Food Handlers Certificate. Many recruitment companies now offer this kind of course for their staff in order to get the best possible service.

There are certain key elements to look at when discussing your proposed party. Do you want to do a sit down meal or a buffet? What kind of food do you want? What will the seating arrangements be and so forth? A good company will work with you from the planning stages and discuss what would be appropriate for your personal needs.

Conversely, when serving people they may have to deal with difficult customers. This is especially case when dealing with people who are drunk or older people. Some people may require extra attention and making sure they are looked after.

Websites are important to take a look at what the companies have to offer but do not stop at the site itself. Look up on forums, message boards and review sites to see if they have any comments from people who have used their service. They will usually be very honest and give you a clear indication of who is the best company you should go for.

It is also worth discussing this with the companies themselves. Having looked at various quotes, you should talk about other quotes you have received and see if it is possible to get a discount. Given that these companies are keen on word of mouth, you should ask if there is a discount for giving them a recommendation!

Ideally, staff should be trained to handle food and have a Food Handlers Certificate. As well as providing the best possible staff, it gives reassurance to the people hiring you, knowing that they have people on board that are trained in food handling. In short, you should remember the people hiring you represent your company and will reflect your image. Getting the right people will create memorable occasions that will give you that all important word of mouth!

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