Essential Clothes for Men

The only few essential clothing that a man should have in the wardrobe are dress shirts and slacks. Aside from a tailored custom dress shirts and slacks, it is also important to have a number of blazers, jackets/ topcoats, vests, tuxedo and tuxedo shirts.

Every man should have at least four blazers that are properly pressed that can perform admirably in a social setting. A navy blazer and miscellanea of solids, tweeds and plaids is enough to cover a mens wardrobe. A jacket and topcoats is a must to be worn over a suit during winter or cold weather. It is best if you will have enough number of these to be paired with a suit. Ask for the amount of jackets and top coats you will be needed from the custom tailor.

The vests can also be tailored as part of a suit. A minimum of two vests is a good amount of vests to start. Some men have a variety of vests and it is usually about 5-7 pieces neatly ironed in the closet. The vests can be worn separately, and considered to be as an essential part of a mens wardrobe

Other essential things that a gentleman should have in the wardrobe are the tuxedo and tuxedo shirts. A mens tuxedo and tuxedo shirts is best if you will have it tailored in advance to always be prepared in any formal occasion. In majority of men, they have at least two variations of which.

The tie also play a vital role on the professional look of the man. So it is vital to select those that compliment your mens dress shirts and suits. You may also ask for the assistance of custom tailors on the selection of colors, stripes, and patterns for versatile clothing. Usually a professional have at least 10 neck ties in the wardrobe.



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