Dress Codes for an Established Company

The objective of the company in establishing a formal dress code is to build a professional image on their employees. Building customers trust is like building an image for the employee. The company requires the appearance of trusted professionals in serving the clients. In some ways the image of the employees reflects the image of the company as a whole. This is the impression that companies would like to project to the clients and to every individual in society. This is why several formal dress code guidelines were established.

Dress Code Guidelines:

The suit, jacket, mens shirts or custom made shirts, pants or a skirt are the standard dress of men and women. Clothes that expose too much of a woman’s cleavage, back, stomach, chest, feet, or underwear is strongly unacceptable for a place like the business world. The clothes should not be wrinkled and properly pressed. Avoid creased, torn and dirty clothing as it shows untidiness.

Dress-Down Days:

The dress down days are normally Fridays. On these days, employees can wear business casual clothing. The clothing should also be within the dress code guidelines provided above or by the company itself. Clothing with a company logo is encouraged. University logo, sports team and fashion brand names on clothing are also acceptable. You may also keep a jacket in your office for such days when a client unexpectedly appears during this day.

If no clothing guideline is set to the workers or employees, there will be a mixture of clothing style and the tendency is that the client may find it hard to identify the employees. It will also be hard for the clients to trust anyone in the company who is not wearing appropriate clothes. This is why policies on dress code are set. The company can alternatively invest in custom made shirts with a company logo embroidered to supply the staff.

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