Don’t Make These Costly Adwords Mistakes

Google Adwords is a brilliant marketing tool that is capable of attracting targeted visitors simply by leveraging their own enormous amount of traffic. Plenty of business owners have learned to rely on the targeted traffic they receive from Adwords in order to bring in more sales and more profits. The reason for the huge popularity of Adwords is the ability to receive fast, high quality results. There are plenty of options available for marketing and promoting a website, but Adwords offers a way to achieve high results quickly. But when you’re starting out, there are a few mistakes you should be aware of so that you don’t lose a lot of money on your campaigns. Below are some of the usual problems and errors beginners can encounter.

Adwords affords you various choices for creating optimized campaigns that earn a profit. But people fail to see through them and end up not using them.

One of these choices is phrase matching that you’ll definitely want to use. You may either match your keywords using a broad, exact or phrase match. The tool will already be set to broad but you will want to match another way. When you use broad match, you’re not going to get very targeted keywords. For better results, go with phrase match or, if you want more targeted keywords, go for exact. The more you use this feature, the better you will be able to reach out to your target audience. Some new Adwords users believe that the more you target your keywords, the less traffic you’ll receive and that’s just not the case.

You’ll want to stay away from the other mistake, too, which is to not identify the USP or unique selling point of the product/service. If you don’t know your product inside and out, you can’t target an ad that’s successful now can you? You must be able to stand alone from those competing against you and this is usually done by stating how you differ. Why should the prospect choose you over the competition? What do you offer that the others don’t? Spend lots of time thinking about your USP and if you don’t think there is one, just create one. You won’t become successful with Adwords unless you’re able to get a great position for your ads.

When you begin using your Adwords account, the content network is set to show your ads by default. You’ll find that you can get a better quality of traffic for your money by turning the content network off. You may find you get a lower quality of traffic through the content network. You may get plenty of add impressions but your CTR will be low. Your main goal with AdWords is to boost your CTR but when your ads are just shown to random people on Google’s partnering sites, you won’t see many clicks. And the clicks you receive won’t convert well.

Overall, AdWords isn’t rocket science, unless you see it that way. You will see that you can succeed as long as you test your ads, and change them accordingly.

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