Do Not Make These Common SEO Mistakes

Finding ways to bring a continuous flow of traffic to your site is a key element in succeeding with any online business. It’s relatively easy to learn to optimize your site in order to receive this kind of traffic directly from search engines. Unfortunately, instead of working on legitimate tactics to appeal to search engines, some Internet marketers aim at fooling them. When this happens, Google and other major search engines tend to ban websites using less ethical tactics. Then there are those webmasters who aren’t aware that the tactics they’re using are considered to be unethical. In these scenarios, the webmaster’s lack of knowledge could be the cause of risking a website’s success with such bad decisions. In order to get your SEO tactics correct, it’s important to know what you’re doing wrong. This article will be looking at some of the SEO mistakes you will do well to avoid.

Graphics and images are a good way to give your site instant appeal, but be careful about putting too many on your site or you’ll be damaging your SEO efforts. Having a high number of images on your website will leave less room for search engine friendly content, which will lead to a lower ranking. The text that appears on images is not like the plain text you have on your pages. Search engines can’t read the text you have showing on your images, which makes them worthless for SEO purposes. Of course, some graphics are a good idea, so be sure you enter your niche’s keywords within the ALT tags for each image displayed. These tags can be read by the search engines, which can help your rankings somewhat.

Messing up your keyword research will mess up you SEO results. If your keywords aren’t targeting people who can’t be converted into buyers then you will waste your time. How can you convert visitors who don’t want what you have? Apart from that, choosing keywords that people aren’t searching for doesn’t really make sense. Keywords are how people search and how the search engine determines which sites to show in the results, so they should be one of your main priorities. All you need to do is find keywords that are being searched for and give preference to ones with less competition. And the best part is that there are free keyword tools that will show you keywords that you can use.

Once you have everything setup your main priority should be to get incoming links but don’t get too many at once because you will get penalized for spamming. Many people will lie to you and say that by getting thousands of backlinks at once to your new site you will get to the first page and stay there. Honestly, you’ll be better off donating your money to a charity or something. Are you willing to get your brand new site sandboxed and de-indexed because you didn’t have the patience to build your links naturally over time? Link building is necessary in the competitive online environment of today but you will actually outrank your competition by getting links a few links a day, consistently.

Above all, it’s important to stay away from excessive flash, but if you include images make sure you’re using ALT tags. If you can avoid committing these blunders, you’ll shoot through the search engine ranks and you’ll avoid ever being banned.

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