Creating an Amazing Website Does Not Have to be Difficult

The PPV Playbook by David Ford deserves its own site. Every internet marketer knows that, in order to make money online, you need to have a website. But if you do, how would you be able to make those product/service sales? And of course you’ll need some mechanism to collect customer data such as email addresses and other info. But merely having a site will not guarantee that you’ll make money. What you’ll need is a converting website – one that converts browsers and visitors into buyers. If you don’t already have a site, you probably have an idea of what type of site you want. Does the idea in your head match the most profitable type of website? We’d like to share some ideas that will help you in this area of site design.  And if you write a good PPV Playbook review, you should see some good conversions.

There are many reasons why it’s good to keep fresh and update content on your website. Eventually you’ll begin seeing higher traffic numbers to your site. Another positive is your rate of returning visitors will increase. You need to be especially vigilant with your static websites and be sure to keep adding quality content to it. Doing these regular updates shows people you’re interested in your topic, you may be an expert, and that you care enough to do it. You can help to establish trust with your readers which will help your business.

Don’t install sound on your website that plays automatically when someone enters. Webmasters use automatically playing sounds or videos because they definitely capture the attention of visitors, but not necessarily in a good way. Some people will immediately leave your site if they are forced to listen to a soundtrack, especially if it’s loud or a hyped up sales pitch. People like to choose what sounds they hear and what videos they watch. Consider that you could be losing thousands of dollars in sold products if your sound or video is automated and causing people to click away from your site.

Along the same lines, don’t use popup windows on your website.

Popup windows actually cover up your site’s content, which your visitors are hopefully there to see (they did not come to immediately give you their personal information, as these popups usually demand), and they can be hard to close. Popups are another device that might seem like a good idea but are actually detrimental to your business. It could cost you quite a few sales!

Still another intrusive tactic that people don’t like is when a popup stops them from exiting your site. If someone wants to click away from your site, let them go. Don’t distract or annoy them with a pop up window asking if they are sure they want to leave. Doing that will only ensure that they will not come back.

It’s not as hard as many people think to build a successful website. If you put some consistent effort into your website, you can make it great. It isn’t usually hard to make an educated guess about what is good for your site. In most cases, you can trust your own judgment to tell you if something will be good for your website or not. Your website can always be improved a little bit at a time. Having a good website is one of the most important factors that will make you successful as an internet marketer. 

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