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Dear Friend,

If you’re trying to earn money on the Internet, there’s one thing you can never have enough of, and that’s good traffic.

However, as you might have realized — good traffic is not always easy to come by if you’re just starting out, and sometimes generating traffic is even difficult for people with years of experience in marketing online.

So if you’re not getting the leads and traffic you want to, don’t beat yourself up too much over it. If someone has told you that generating great prospects is easy, they were probably trying to sell you their product about how to do it.

Am I right?

Don’t fret though. I’m going to show you a way that you can plug-in to a system willcreate a snowball of leads and traffic for you — and that is so darn inexpensive you’ll barely even notice you spent ANYTHING on it, even months from now when you’re still receiving ever-increasing benefits.

And it’s not something where you have to follow complex instructions or spend a lot of time. Aren’t you really just looking for something that you can turn on and get the prospects flowing in?

Buying traffic is a rip-off in most cases. If you’ve tried that, then you already know most people who sell raw “traffic” just make your hit counter spin and you get no signups.

And purchased leads? Don’t even get me started on that! Every time I’ve bought any kind of leads except “real time” leads that actually visit my website, all it’s gotten me in return was a bunch of pissed-off “prospects” telling me to remove them from my mailing list or they’ll report me for SPAM.

What a headache!

First, let me tell you why I did this…

A couple years ago, by popular demand of my own contact list and downlines, I negotiated a deal with someone who owned ad-space galore (offline ad space, in grocery stores), and I ran an advertising co-op for them where everyone pooled together their money — and shared in the leads.

The ads were actual plexi-glass and vinyl advertising panels that got screwed into “Community Billboards” in grocery stores across the state of Texas. Hundreds of them.

My organization LOVED the hands-free, effortless nature of this type of advertising.

The leads were great, but…

There Weren’t Enough of Them

Over the last two years I’ve learned a lot about generating prospects for home businesses and one of those things is that when it comes to marketing an opportunity that is largely “online-based”, you should focus your advertising online too — for several reasons.

  • There are millions of prospects

  • They are much easier to target than offline prospects

  • You can leverage technology

  • You can leverage the power of other people’s networks

  • You can educate, inform and even close without your involvement

So, I’ve addressed a couple of the problems that a lot of people have when generating prospects for their business. Either they don’t quite understand online traffic and lead generation, they don’t have the time to do it or they focus their efforts in the wrong places.

So what’s the solution?

Well, first off — you need to be able to reach those millions of people who are interested in a home business. You need to leverage technology, networks and automation to do way more work than you could ever do yourself — and for less money.

And the answer to that, simply… is having a system of prospecting that works.

Systems are Great, BUT…

I’ve been marketing online for nearly a decade and I’ve seen a lot of great systems that are designed to convert quality prospects into signups (or new distributors, or whatever the lingo for your business is).

What I haven’t seen though is systems that are designed to generate the traffic.Systems designed to convert visitors into leads or signups are worthless unless you can feed them with traffic.

But how the heck do you do that without driving yourself crazy?

Here’s an Example that Made $100K+ in Just One Month

About a year ago, I started using someone else’s marketing system to refer prospects to a home business. I made a few sales right away with my own contact list, but they quickly started to slow down because I didn’t have a constant flow of leads and traffic to “feed” the system.

I knew something had to change, so I came up with my own concept that would allow me to tap into other people’s resources to generate more prospects — and have them thanking me for it at the same time.

I gave them a valuable benefit, and they gladly gave me excellent traffic in return.

The result? 6-Figures in Sales Over the Next 30 Days and Commission Checks that WereSometimes 5-Figures in a Single Week.

I’ve been using viral marketing techniques to earn income online for over 7 years, but banking that kind of cash that fast — with almost nothing in advertising costs and with very little effort got me excited about viral marketing all over again.

The problem with the example above is that when I designed that system, I didn’t have the technical know-how to turn what worked for me into something that could work for A LOT of other people too.

So the results were limited to me and the few people I could explain what I was doing to, and who were capable of copying it.

That excluded pretty much everyone except skilled marketers who could also effectively communicate with programmers (and that’s not many people).

But, It Worked So Well That I Just Had to Do This…

When the physical “offline” advertising I mentioned above began to expire, I started getting calls from my contacts saying “What next?”. The business I had purchased the ad space from actually left the ads up for much longer than they had agreed to in the first place.

I considered renewing the ads, but with my new-found knowledge of lead generation on the Internet — I ultimately decided against it so I could focus on duplicating my system of viral advertising instead.

In a minute, I’ll show you how that’s going to benefit you — but first, let me ask you a simple question…

What’s Better, 1 Visitor or 100?

That’s not a trick question. Yes, I know there are a lot of variables. Not all visitors are created equal and so forth. But everything else held constant, a hundred visitors is WAY BETTER than just one visitor.

I’m pretty sure you’d agree with that, right?

So what if I told you that turning 1 visitor into 100 could be as easy as flipping on a switch? Or that that traffic generation didn’t have to be difficult?

Since you’re probably not alone in thinking that I’m just blowing smoke — I’ll have to tell you how I know it’s true.

A little over a month ago, a friend and I were preparing to launch a new website and needed beta testers. We had seen some new technology (software) that would allow us to tap into VAST numbers of other people’s email contacts by providing them an incentive to tell the people they know about what we were doing.

We setup a simple 3-page website that employed a process we conceived over a 5 minute phone call. The website was so vague that we didn’t really expect many people to go through the process.

Honestly, it was more of a test than anything else…

Since we were looking for only a handful of beta-testers, it didn’t really NEED to work all that well. But surprise! Do you know what happened?

Over 224,900 Friends Told, Thousands of Website Visitors andThousands of Opt-In Prospectsin Just a Few Weeks

I’m sure you’re probably thinking “Yeah Right”… so allow me to back up that statement with some screenshots to check this out go here

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