Common SEO Errors You Shouldn’t Make

Traffic happens to be one of the most important elements of your online business, without which, it’s impossible to see any positive results. A great way to attract this kind of targeted traffic is to optimize your site so that search engines will place you high in the search results. And yet there are some Internet marketers who believe they’ll be better off by trying to trick the search engines for better results instead of working on ways to do it properly. And so many websites using these less ethical tactics end up getting banned from the big search engines. But besides that, some webmasters get into unethical practices unknowingly. In these scenarios, the webmaster’s lack of knowledge could be the cause of risking a website’s success with such bad decisions. The best way to work with proper SEO is to know where you’re going wrong. Let’s look at some of the SEO mistakes you should be mindful of during your optimization efforts.

The first SEO mistake is trying to make the website really flash heavy. Flash may make a website cool, but it’s no good for SEO. Flash is impressive to the people who visit your site, but search engines aren’t able to recognize it so it the bots won’t be able to crawl your site.

Content is what attracts the search engine spiders and when they don’t find it, they’ll simply skip your site and move on. Your ranking will be greatly affected by this. Flash makes your website look good, so if you don’t want to avoid it completely, you should add some text and graphics to your page so that you can optimize it for the search engines. If you add more text, your site will do better. You should never just take content from other sites, as that’s not right. If you try to take content that’s not yours in the hopes that it will assist you with reaching your goals, you’re mistaken. Nobody may notice that your site is using plagiarized content at first, but eventually people will find out. The largest downfall is that the search engines have figured out how to get around this, and they can recognize content that’s been duplicated. There are filters in place for this sort of thing, and that’s the last place you want your website to end up if you hope to rank high. Therefore, put in the effort to create unique content that’s not only appealing to the visitors but also to the search engines.

In order for your web pages to rank high you must start formatting your content in a certain way. Design is important but for SEO purposes, having relevant content that is formatted a certain way and matches the searchers query carries more weight. Bad content will not rank well in the major search engines. Try to add at least 300 to 400 words of content on the pages of your site with 3% – 5% of keyword density. It is common SEO practice to include the main keyword of your content inside of the page/post title, also. Too many keywords in your content will get your site penalized.

All in all, just make sure your site is not heavily based on flash and when you have images on your site, don’t forget to use the ALT tag. If you use the mistakes you just learned about, you’ll score higher in the ranks and you will never see yourself banished.

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