Choosing the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

There are currently billions of worldwide registered users on the major social media sites. While it’s a good idea for businesses to have accounts on each social media platform for maximum exposure, not all social media sites are created the same; and what one can do you for you, another may not.

To find your ideal social media platform, consider the following attributes:

  • Facebook: Facebook is currently the ring leader of social media platforms with the most registered users. However, unlike LinkedIn, Facebook can be as used for a variety of casual social functions, such as gaming, music, check-ins, and catching up with old friends.


From a professional point of view, Facebook can be used to create business pages, engage with customers, and build personal relationships; all which can turn into paying customers.


  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the only social media site that’s exclusively dedicated to business professionals. Like other social media sites, users can upload videos and photos to promote their services.


Additionally, you can add and leave comments for friends and followers. However, unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn doesn’t offer company ratings and reviews.


Instead, users are urged to provide recommendations that appear on your LinkedIn profile. If your primary focus is on professional networking and recruiting, LinkedIn is your ideal social media platform.


  • Twitter: Created by professionals as a means to send out “text-like” messages, Twitter gives busy business owners a way to convey quick messages without any other bells and whistles. If you enjoy customer engagement via concise messages, then Twitter is an ideal platform for you.


  • YouTube: YouTube is a powerful social media platform because most consumers are visual; meaning, they make buying decisions based off of photos and/or videos. If you want to create commercials, how-to videos, and customer testimonials, then YouTube provides the perfect platform in which to do so.


  • Google Plus: Local businesses will benefit the most from Google Plus because of its local business directory. Once verified, your business will be searchable in the most-used directories on the Internet. Statistics have shown that most Internet users go online first when looking for local products and services.


  • Pinterest: Pinterest is relatively new, yet it has caught on like wildfire, specifically for female consumers ages 18-45. However, regardless of your business demographics, Pinterest has a wide-range of users that enjoy browsing pictures. If you have a visual company, Pinterest is an ideal social media site for you.

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