Can Your Customers Find You?

yellow-pagesDo you remember the days when man would know on your door and drop off one or two telephone books?  I do they were heavy and depending on where you live one was white and the other one was yellow.

Good Bye Yellow Pages


When was the last time you picked up and used a phone book to find something? For me it is years.  Why don’t we anymore?  Obvious answer because of the World Wide Web or the internet.  Not just the internet either but smart phones, stats shows that the percentage of adults who use mobile phones for online browsing has more than doubled.  These users are making purchasing decisions, comparing prices and gathering product information.

Forrester’s latest research indicates that 100% of business decision makers use Social Media for business. 

Yellow Pages V Google! It’s A No Brainer

GOOGLE everyone knows that name and for most people when starting to search for a product or for services they Google it.  Have you Googled your business?  What are people seeing?  Are your products or services being found?

Can Your Customers Find You?  

So where am I leading with all of this?  Home Building Central is a website that has been created to help you get an online presence, social media exposure and the opportunity of being found online with current up to date and relevant information.  This means you are in the running for new leads, new customers, increased bottom line, happy you.

For just $30.00 per month you will not only get a one page website but will get exposure via social media on our facebook page.

We look after the things that you don’t have time for such as hosting, sharing of content, getting traffic to your site. whilst offering potential customers the opportunity to contact you directly from the website, leave a review, share on their social media.

Keeping you information is just as important as having it listing online and we help you with this.  Otherwise If a customer can’t find your company’s phone number online, it is highly unlikely they will go out of their way to find it in a phone book.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us on or visit the site and get Googled today!

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