Can your customers find you online?

Visionarybusinesswoman Sooner or later, customers go online to find out more about your business and your reputation. What do they find when they search for your name, or your company? How visible are you?

It’s no secret that successful business owners and professionals can now have a strong Internet presence with little cost and without hiring tech staff.

So what do your potential clients find when they “Google” you? Have you checked lately?

Hopefully they find more than a static brochure-style website full of industry jargon, company kudos, and marketing hype.

Think about it in terms of what prospects really want to find out when they research you and your company… Here’s a big clue: what they want to know is: can they trust you?

No hype, no fluff, no dry lists of achievements. Your prospects want to learn more about you, and the people who are part of your organization. And yes, it would be nice if you put a little personality into your web presence. How else do you think they will begin to trust you?

People do business with people, not with companies. On the Internet, all you’ve got are words, design, and your brand. Your brand is more than your logo. It communicates your core message and implies your values.

For us, a business blog is the best platform for communicating to build trust. But are you using your business blog with this goal in mind?

Is your business blog consistent with your brand, your core message, or are you “all over the map?” Are you using the same name, same tag line, and your brand on your blog, on Facebook and other sites? It all goes towards creating the kind of trust you need for effective online visibility.

The Internet is easy, user-friendly, cheap, and effective for getting your business found by the people who need your products and services. But not everyone is smart about building the trust they need with the people searching for their services on the Web.

You and your business needs to be seen everywhere: on your website, your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. These sites and your branded presence (photo, bio, logo, name) will create massive visibility to get you found by the people who are your ideal clients.

Ask us how we can help you out in this area. We can set up for you a blog, facebook, twitter just ask us for more information and costing on this.

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