Call to Action

The Body Copy

Remember that the headline is part of your overall copy. That’s why the first sentence of your body copy should flow naturally from the headline. After reading your headline, your customers expect you to immediately give them information, so give your customers what they want! Don’t chat away the first three paragraphs with nonsense because your customer will probably not continue reading.

Know the difference between features and benefits. Features are attributes, properties, or characteristics of your product. Benefits are what you can do, what you can have, or what you can be because of those features. People buy benefits, not features. Keep your eye on the benefits and use wording like “this means to you that” or “with this you can”.

Use of Testimonials

Scatter testimonials all over the main page of your site. Testimonials with pictures help most. We cover the process of getting and using testimonials in another tactic.

The Bonus

The bonus gift is used to strategically raise the perceived value of your product. We will talk more about this in another tactic.

The Guarantee

The guarantee is a powerful tool used to build trust and to get customers to take action and buy your product. We cover this in detail in a separate tactic.

The Call to Action—Your Final Paragraph

The final paragraph is the call to action. It must respectfully ASK customers to make a decision and take an action based on what they just read. The action could the act of purchasing a product, or it could be signing up for a newsletter or free course.

A call to action can have a major impact on the number of sales. Give precise instructions and tell your customers what you want them to do. People tend to comply when given a direct order. To further encourage action, add an incentive or benefit to the order.

We’ve gathered a list of examples you can use as your call to action:

  1. Limited Edition, Order NOW before it’s too late! 1-800-555-1234.
  2. 20 Ways to immediately increase your dating success. Sign up now to get this $29 value FREE!
  3. Increase your web site traffic by 200 percent! Click here to find out how!
  4. Visit this link here to receive this FREE audio.
  5. Click here to subscribe to our “Ask the Professional Web Designer” ezine.
  6. Click here to instantly download your online training program!
  7. Join our FREE update list.


Don’t mention your price before you’ve told customers about all the benefits of your offer. You don’t want to scare them away. After you have communicated all your key points you can mention the price in comparison to a very small purchase or a daily cost.

For example,

“For as little as the price of 2 movie tickets, you can now learn how to create your own movies!”


“For less than $1 a day, you’ll get to build a million dollar website this year!”

The P.S. Line

The P.S. line comes at the bottom of the page and is ironically one of the most read pieces of copy. That’s why it’s used so often.

Many times people quickly skim through a page and read the headline and the bottom. Don’t overlook this valuable component. With a P.S. at the end of your copy you can gently remind the customer about the benefits of your product, any special promotions, deadlines, and whatever else you want to use to tempt them to buy.


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