Business News – Chongqing Machinery Industry Elites Create Five Special Industries

Taken from the “Communist China Chongqing Wanzhou district committee to further expand opening up, building on the” 500 state hundreds of millions of “decisions”. If not personally see it, could not imagine any way with such a company actually Wanzhou: Mercedes-Benz at the test track of the various types of trucks, continue to issue screamed. Yesterday, the Wanzhou District, Industrial Park, Changan emperor special vehicle companies across again gives a taste of his tiger angry. Wanzhou no decent machinery and electronics industry??? This is out of date.

Do the Best

“Special Purpose Vehicle company subsolar line from the previous measure of 2? 3, upgraded to 30 / day; production of automotive vehicles by a single 2,3-series, has been developed to cover the 2,3,4 series and KY5, KY8 dump truck, etc., forming a mature model in parallel with the new mode of production; the actual production capacity from about 1500 to upgrade to 6000; from the sales of 108 million, realizing profits of 2.55 million, respectively refresh 4 billion 10 million. “

The Company Sunzong Introduction

Have achieved the same overall removal of NVC lighting people happy: According to incomplete statistics, the sales revenue has completed more than 40% over last year, and paid taxes more than 10 million yuan; preliminary estimates, the annual sales income of 1 billion can be element.

“This year business plan for the production and sales topped 4 million, profits of more than 25 million yuan.” Relevant person in charge of machinery Koto says, “As a state-owned enterprises, the former a ‘rival’, after ‘pursuers’ the case, can not have no slack to do it best! “Elites show their skills.

As president of NVC Lighting Holdings Limited, 2006 “Ten Yu-business”, one of Wu Changjiang, from investigation to decision to invest in Wanzhou, in less than a month.

What Attracted Him?

“An annual output of 3 million rod crankshaft forgings, annual output of 1200 hydraulic machines, annual output of 150 machine tools, produce 500 yacht boat sanitation, annual output of 800,000 sets of lamps and accessories, annual output of 10000 sets a new sprayer, IT R & D production base for exports, 2 million square meters of metal surface treatment, annual output of 30 million private vehicles and related parts …… “This is not the data, it at your fingertips.

Five bridges of cooperation joint dam Bernard Chong is a vivid example. Built from the factory open to the smooth production, only half a year. According to the plan, they will reach next year’s export processing value of 1 billion yuan, achieving labor 5,500.

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