Branding for Web Success to Boost Sales

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By: Alyse Speyer

Innovation and branding are key parts to any business. The problem is that most people don’t understand how to focus their brand and use it to boost traffic and sales. Whether your business is entrepreneurial or a multi-national corporation, quality branding and a unique selling proposition (USP) are what drive customers to act and buy.

A Promise that Delivers
The purpose of a brand is to build it to the point where it starts working for you. When creating a brand, you are essentially making a promise to your customers. That promise or USP is what separates you from the competition and adds value to your products and services. People will then recognize your brand and associate the promise with each and every one of your products or services. The customer will more likely become a repeat client. He or she is not just buying the item, but the brand as well.

Don’t believe me? Remember in the 1990s when everyone thought that Apple was going bust? Then came the iMac, then the iPod and now everything Mac is precursed with an “i.” What happened? The apple logo of Apple just wasn’t cutting it anymore. The iPod was an instant hit, and with that a new brand was born. The “i” not only stands for personalized electronics, but also for quality and the promise of a great product.

Position Your Brand for Web Success
In order for a company to succeed in its marketing endeavors, branding needs to be at the forefront of business decisions; because it certainly is for potential customers. A brand should be the center of your business, not just your marketing campaign. This holds true for online advertising in particular. Your website needs to have your branding well-defined and positioned.

Your brand image should be consistent throughout your website and on any advertising campaigns, email blasts, blogs, newsletters and special reports. By keeping consistent, your USP will be reinforced and help potential customers associate with your brand.

Standing Above the Competition
The idea is to differentiate your brand from the competition, giving visitors a reason to buy your products and services. If your brand positioning promises results in three months instead of years, this could be an opportunity to implement a money-back guarantee. Another important factor in online branding is credibility.

Branding begins with a promise, but customer brand loyalty begins with the fulfillment of that promise. Therefore, testimonials and case studies can be extremely helpful in building your brand’s credibility. People are more likely to buy if they see that others agree your products and/or services deliver on their promise. Ask your best customers to write testimonials. Make sure they are clear and specific.

Branding and innovation will help your business to be a web success. Remember that you are creating a brand image for your customers to recognize. Decide on a strong and valuable USP that motivates action.

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