Basic Copywriting Strategies For Beginners

Selling online can be done if you have a website and content that others cannot ignore. Your job as a seller is to make sure the prospect or lead becomes interested enough to buy your stuff. You should learn effective copy writing strategies so that you can compel people to stay on your site and buy what you’re selling.

Copy writing is a sales tool that most marketers wield. Web content writing is different from a “copy” because the latter is used to sell things online. Some marketers who have mastered the skill of copy writing are now earning thousands. Copy writing is not a talent that is in-born, you can easily develop it using a few strategies.

Strategies for Effective Copy writing

1. A Compelling Headline

The headline is your blog’s name, title, description or your article’s main point. Your headline must zero in on what the prospect needs. The prospect is on your page for a reason (especially if he or she found your site on the search engines), so your headline must directly address that reason and promise a resolution for it .

2. Push the Right Emotional Buttons

Never beg someone to buy from you. That’s not what emotional connection means. Being a good marketer means you can touch your prospect on the emotional level without begging.

Psychologists believe that impulse buying has something to do with a core emotion that drives the sale. As an example, if you’re selling a cookbook, channel the prospect’s need to get the approval of his family members, friends, patrons and relatives. This is the concept behind the story of the man who sells ice to Eskimos.

3. Make it Active

A personal conversation is more effective than listening in on an impersonal speech made by a person you hardly know. Speak to your reader like she’s in front of you. They need to develop rapport with you as soon as they start reading and scrolling down. You want them to feel that the whole letter is for them and them alone.

People will not stop long enough to read your copy if there’s no benefit in doing so. People care only about what you can do for them.

4. Speak from Experience

This is the most important tip of all. Re-read your copy from the reader’s perspective. What are their hopes, dreams, desires, and problems? Does your copy answer these questions for them? Understanding your audience will help you create an emotional and powerful copy directed specifically at your audience.

As an example, a woman who’s in her late thirties wants to look like she’s 25 forever. A mom is almost in tears because she can’t potty train her kids. A doting dad cannot sleep because his son’s XBOX won’t work and he feels useless as a father. These are real problems, and the internet is supposed to hold an answer to these problems. YOU provide the answer and land a sale.

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