Advantages of the 5S System

The 5S schema is a 5-principle technique used in a lot of companies around the world. Its principles are: elimination, shaping, cleaning, order, and sustain. It is known that many companies have implemented this system in order to improve their quality of production, thus saving time and making more money. It is a method that should strictly be followed because it offers a lot of advantages.


First of all, it can be said that following the 5S system does not only give confidence to prospects and customers about the effectiveness and level of performance of the company, but also it raises the personnel’s morale, creating a true “Esprit de corps.” The 5S philosophy offers the opportunity to re-arrange and optimize production. It fundamentally changes the way each individual involved in the productive process faces his or her tasks. The principles are clear and produce excellent results, and it clearly influences the company`s reputation, and the way it is regarded by the rest of the community. In this way, if employees feel good and comfortable in their work place, they work in a better way, when the 5S method is properly applied. They will work in a safe, clean, and neat place and this impacts their overall performance in a direct way.


As a consequence, if workers perform their tasks mirthfully, they will produce better results. This means better services or production. In this way, costumers will be willing to buy the company’s services or products. This is why the 5S system has a direct influence on sales levels. If clients are satisfied with what they buy, it is a fact that they will choose this company next time.


Another benefit provided by the 5S system is a substantial reduction of waste. One of the principles is elimination, which means that those things which are not important in the work place should be stored or entirely eliminated. Thus all the essential items in the organization should be kept in order and properly labeled. It is considered that order must be a leading principle in life and there is no such a thing as “creative chaos.” Maintaining order in the workplace leads to a substantial reduction of dead time. Workers know precisely where to resort to for their supplies and items used at work, thus no time is wasted. Also, if an individual worker ceases to perform his or her tasks, the new worker will need a shorter time to learn the ropes. This is why order and standardization go hand in hand, when this philosophy is properly applied.


Cleaning regularly has obviously many advantages. It improves sanitary conditions, reducing the spreading of diseases and crossed contamination. Cleanliness also extends the life of equipments and tools, another important money saving factor. The 5S system offers numerous comparative advantages, with regards to previous production methods. Since it was first developed in Japanese civil industries in the 1960s, its principles have spread around the world. Companies working with this method have developed more efficient productive processes, saving time, and making more money. Find out about reflective tape and more at

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