Advantages and Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

Today’s pool owners are very fortunate. They can have their swimming pools cleaned with so much ease by using automatic pool cleaners. There used to be a time when pool cleaning is done manually. Anyone can just imagine how exhausting and inconvenient having a pool at those times must be. Although manual pool cleaners do exist today, they are only used in on-the-spot clean-ups.

 Automatic pool cleaners are preferred by pool owners because they make their lives a lot easier. These automatic cleaning pool supplies don’t require manual labor on their part. Plus, in the long run, they can save a lot of money because there is no need to hire a pool cleaning service anymore. Automatic pool cleaners come in three types: pressure-side, suction-side and robotic cleaners. Choosing any one of these pool supplies is considered a good investment.

A pressure-side automatic pool cleaner, as the name implies, uses pressure from the pump to have itself moving around the pool. It uses the same pressure to force dirt into its bag. This type is best suited for pools with nearby trees around it. It can clean up leaves and large debris but the downside is it can’t remove small particles and can’t scrub the pool walls clean.

A suction-side cleaner rely on suction power to vacuum up dirt inside the pool, thus, this type can effectively remove fine particles. Compared to a pressure-side cleaner, it can scrub the walls and is a lot less expensive. The downside to this cleaner is that you may have to clean the swimming pool filters every time.

A robotic cleaner is driven by electric motors. It is by far the best among all pool cleaners. It can work efficiently to scrub the walls and get rid of smaller particles. The downside boils down to the price. A robotic cleaner is a bit pricey but its superior performance outweighs its cost.


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