5 Steps To Take To Prepare For A Post Twitter World

Just read this great article from Chris Johnson.  I certainly love the concept of Twitter but struggle to find the time to do all things in all areas what about you?  Where should our time go?

By Chris Johnson of Guerrilla.me – Follow him @genuinechris

Twitter is hot right now. It’s inevitable that it’s not going to last. It’s the Ecclesiastes rule of the Internet: everything will wash away.

Is it going to be 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? I have no clue. It won’t be mothballed, just as myspace.com will have content of some sort in 10 years.

But, let’s think long term: I consider twitter an important way to connect. There hasn’t been a single social media service that has survived and stayed king. Each one has learned something from the mistakes that happened before, but we saw everything from Geocities to Yahoo Chat to LiveJounral to MySpace have their day in the sun… then begin the march towards irrelevance.

Twitter may last longer, but is it gonna be “it” in 10 years?
Probably not. But we’re making friends here. We’re connecting.
We’re building tribes. But, how do we ensure our value is OURS and not Twitters? How do we make sure that we’re not dependent on twitter?

Here’s how to make your tribe yours–and not just people you met on Twitter:

• Really engage, really connect. Take the relationship off of twitter, exchange emails, and enter everyone into a CRM/SYSTEM. (But see #3: The point is to help them, not just you).

• See people in person. If you’re getting local, seeing people off of Twitter is a big way to keep ‘em in your tribe.

• Connect people. Connect people that need widgets with people that have them. Make it a habit. Do it for free, don’t put your foot in the door (big mistake I made, always wanting a cut).

• Do favors. Unbidden. Don’t ask for anything in return, be the nice guy that people always remember. Help folks. Nobody wants to be ‘drip marketed’ to, but they do remember when someone helps them. Be that guy. Don’t even think that they owe you one. Kill yourentitlementality.

• Be mentally ready. I’m guessing that there will be Twitter for 20 years. I’m also guessing that at some point it will become a nostalgia site. Be ready for that day. When twitter dies, you’ll be prepared because you’ve practiced the essentials of networking. When it erodes, we will have used it to gather a good tribe, and then our tribe will go off wherever we go when twitter meets with it’s inevitable doom.

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