28 Days to an Awesome Blog – Day 1 – Keyword Research

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  • Get ideas:
    • existing business
    • amazon.com – books and magazines
    • Topics that interest you
    • Smaller is better
    • Check Google news
    • Come up with 5-10 market ideas
    • ** You don’t need to already be an expert in your field…but you will be one by the time you’re established
  • Market research will determine if anyone is even looking for your keyword…it does you no good to find a keyword that is never searched…you will get no traffic and in turn no conversions this way
  • Market Samurai – 12 day trial – www.marketsamuari.com
    • Download your trial copy
    • Watch any video tutorials you would like
    • Today we are going to be looking for a micro niche or keyword phrase:
      • Market: people interested in gold – 1 million + pages
      • Mega Niche: golf clubs – 1 million pages
      • Niche: irons  – 30,000 to 100,000 pages
      • Micro Niche: cavity backed irons – <30,000
    • We are looking for micro-niche keywords that have more than 30,000 competing pages and traffic with more than 80-100 searches a day for our initial goal.
    • New Project
      • Golf
      • Click Google Synonym tool, SEO traffic filter and don’t worry just yet about the SEO Digger tool
      • Click on Generate Keywords
      • Filter out any that aren’t what you are looking for
      • Click analyze keywords
      • Click on Organic, Total searches, SEOT 80, Trends, Competition, SEOC 50,000
      • Click on Analyze
        • Searches = number of times searched
        • Trends = cycle of traffic…if any
        • SEOT = traffic


    • enter golf see returns
    • Enter golf clubs and see returns
    • Enter phrase-matched search “golf clubs” and see returns
    • Enter cavity backed irons and see returns
    • Enter phrase-matched search “cavity backed irons” – Google gives preference in the boad-matched searches to pages that are optimized in phrase-matched for that keyword



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