10 Hot Membership Site Ideas That Will Make Your Profits Soar

Membership sites are one of the most popular and profitable business models nowadays. There are all sorts of membership sites on various niches, but perhaps the most common are those that offer products with private label rights (also known as PLR).

When a product has private label rights, the user usually has more control over them. There may still be restrictions that the original seller may come up with (such as one where the owner cannot resell the private label rights, only the product). But despite such restriction, many PLR products can be modified to any degree; and you can even put your name as the author.

So how can you create a kick-ass PLR membership site? First of all, you need to provide a “complete” turnkey package. Your members want everything to be as easy and as automatic as possible. That means giving them all the products, tools, techniques, and guidance they need; the only thing they have to do is follow the simple instructions in setting everything up and start making money.

Here are 10 useful ideas on what you could offer your members to keep them satisfied:

1) The Main Products. The typical products are reports or ebooks. Audios or videos could be better alternatives, as they have a higher perceived value. You could even make a combination of ebooks, audios, or videos to make these PLR products stand out more.

Before you create them, make sure that these products are high in demand or saleable to the market. That’s why it’s vital to do your research beforehand, so you can give quality products that your members could make a lot of money from.

2) Sales Letter. Most copywriters charge thousands of dollars for one quality sales letter. So providing them with topnotch copy for the products (along with all the other benefits they get), in exchange for the low price of their monthly membership fee, is a great deal.

3) Graphics. The sales letter must be accompanied by eye-catching graphics. I recommend giving them the psd files, so they can make any changes to the graphics themselves. The graphic pack could include the product cover, header, footer, order button and background graphics.

4) Promotional Tools. There are quite a number of tools to help your members promote the products. You could give them articles they could post on their site (or rewrite to post on content-sharing sites); these articles would warm up and pre-sell the main products to prospects.

You could also research on the most profitable keywords they could use to promote the products via Google adwords or PPC. These keywords may also be inserted in the title and content of articles they will write, so they could rank high in the search engines for these highly searched keywords.

You could also provide them with email promotional messages, banners, classified ads, and sample signature lines so your members could instantly promote the products – or have their affiliates use them for promotion.

Before I go on, be aware that you don’t have to create everything. In fact, you need to outsource them, so you can focus on marketing your membership site.

5) A Step-By-Step Guide. Since some members might not know how to start, they need a guide to show them how to set up and sell these PLR products.

You could create step-by-step instruction guides in pdf; or better yet, create instructional videos on how to choose a domain name, set up a hosting account, upload the files, and start promoting and making money from the products.

6) Products With Master Resale Rights. These products are different from the main PLR products. These are products related to the niche of your site, where the owner can transfer the resale rights to their customers, and all succeeding customers get to have the master resale rights. They may resell them as long as they follow the resale rights rules, which may include the minimum price they can sell it for, or a policy where they can’t change the content.

There are many products with master resale rights you can buy and resell on your membership site. Simply type “master resale rights” in Google and take your pick.

7) Research On Affiliate Programs. Aside from the products being offered by your membership site, your members might want to promote other products in the same niche.

So go research on the various Affiliate Programs that are proven to sell well. If they have a 2nd tier link, you could promote the affiliate program using that link so you can get commissions from the sales of your members.

8) Huge Discounts. You can also give your members discount on other merchants’ products as their membership privilege. Simply contact other vendors and ask them to give your members a discount – the bigger, the better. Most will agree, as this means free promotion and permanent exposure for their products. If possible, use your affiliate links for these discounted products so you can earn at the same time.

9) Contests or Draws. Set up a periodic contest or draw. Give cash prizes, free products or even one-on-one coaching to the winner. This could entice members to continue their membership.

10) Interviews. Want to provide more content without breaking the bank? You could interview experts in your niche. Go to http://rtir.com and you’ll find experts whom you could contact for a potential interview. The interview could be recorded and transcribed, and given to members. As for the expert, he or she expert will benefit by promoting their products in the interview.

With these 10 fantastic ideas, I’m fully confident you will attract lots of new members, and your present members will be staying for a long time.

To Your Success!
Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson
MemberSpeed INC

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